Benefits of Infrared Heating

Benefits of Infrared Heating



Radiant heaters heat a building and its occupants like the sun heats the earth. Infrared rays heat floors, people and objects, not air. These objects become heated when they absorb infrared energy.

 Reduced Energy Consumption and Quick, Free Heat Recovery

With low-intensity, infrared heaters, energy stored in floors and objects is re-used for faster energy recovery


In commercial and industrial buildings, rapid air changes and heat loss commonly occur when large doors are opened. As a result, valuable heated air escapes outdoors, wasting money. With low-intensity, infrared heaters, energy stored in floors and objects is re-used for faster energy recovery in the space, without burning more fuel. In addition, since there is no need for ceiling fans to push heat to the floor, electrical usage can be reduced.

Less Heat Stratification, Reduced Building Heat Loss

Lowered building heat loss


Because radiant heaters do not introduce heated air into the space, there is less heat stratification. Air temperatures at the ceiling are lower than with other heating systems. Lower ceiling temperatures result in reduced heat loss through the roof and lowered building heat loss. Lowered building heat loss means less heat is needed to heat the same space.

Greater Comfort at Lower Temperatures

To obtain energy savings of up to 50% over conventional heating systems, it is essential to design an infrared system for maximum distribution and comfort. When designing radiant systems for comfort, or reaching the operative temperature (T0), designers need to maximize the mean radiant temperature (MRT) and depress the air temperature (Tair).

For example, to reach a perceived comfort of 65° F (18° C), with infrared heaters, the air temperature can be lowered to 55° F (12° C). This helps reduce energy costs! Due to elevated mean radiant space temperature, building occupants feel the same amount of warmth when thermostats are set 5° to 10° F (-15° to -12° C) lower with low-intensity heaters than with other heating systems. Lower thermostat set point translates into additional energy savings.

Clean, Quiet, Draft-Free Heat

Radiant heaters warm objects



Since radiant heaters quietly warm objects without drafts or blowing air, heated areas are cleaner and quieter.

Easily Installed, Operated and Maintained

ROBERTS GORDON® Installation, Operation and Service manuals help make our gas-fired, infrared heaters easy to install, operate and maintain. For detailed manuals, click here.

Many Design Options

Custom infrared heating systems

From custom infrared heating systems to unitary radiant heaters, our infrared heating equipment is available in a variety of inputs, tube lengths and designs to fit a variety of applications, floor plans and budgets.




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Installation Code and Annual Inspection:
All installation and service of ROBERTS GORDON® equipment must be performed by a contractor qualified in the installation and service of equipment sold and supplied by Roberts-Gordon LLC and conform to all requirements set forth in the ROBERTS GORDON® manuals and all applicable governmental authorities pertaining to the installation, service, operation and labeling of the equipment. To help facilitate optimum performance and safety, Roberts-Gordon LLC recommends that a qualified contractor conduct, at a minimum, annual inspections of your ROBERTS GORDON® equipment and perform service where necessary, using only replacement parts sold and supplied by Roberts-Gordon LLC.

Further Information:
Applications, engineering and detailed guidance on systems design, installation and equipment performance is available through ROBERTS GORDON® representatives. Please contact us for any further information you may require, including the Installation, Operation and Service Manual.

These products are not for residential use.
This document is intended to assist licensed professionals in the exercise of their professional judgment.

Reduced Energy Consumption and Quick, Free Heat Recovery

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