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Mechanical & HVAC Engineers: Learn & Earn Now!

Make the most of mandated work from home schedules.
Let us help you fulfill your Continuing Education (CE) credits.

CE Credits Course Available

We offer an inexpensive (it’s FREE!), easy, convenient way to learn about infrared heating equipment, while earning  Continuing Education (CE) credits by attending one of our accredited webinars that are approved in many states.


Currently, we offer 3 one-hour presentations, each worth one (1) Continuing Education (CE) hour.


Classes for HVACBasics of Infrared Heating

Instructor: Don Larsson
[email protected]
Learn the benefits and applications of gas-fired, infrared heating systems for efficiently heating large, open areas such as aircraft hangars, distribution centers, manufacturing areas and warehouses. General concepts used in infrared heating applications, as well as efficiency comparisons of infrared heaters to other heating technologies will be introduced. Using these general concepts and theories, as well as specific studies and examples, the effective use of this technology and its energy savings benefits for end users will be explained. Participants will also gain an understanding of the physical properties of radiant energy, as well as the different types of radiant heating systems such as burners-in-series, unitary burners and parallel burners.

Modulating Controls for Infrared Heating

Instructor: Don Larsson
[email protected]
Understand the advantages of modulating radiant heaters for industrial and commercial applications. Infrared heating can be controlled digitally by modulating burners-in-series systems or DDC programming of single unitary burners. The energy savings benefits and comparisons of these systems and controls will also be explained.

HVAC ProfessionalsSpecified Air Solutions VIRTUAL WALL® Control Systems

Instructor: Don Larsson
[email protected]
Learn the advantages of Specified Air Solutions VIRTUAL WALL® whole building HVAC controls for distribution centers, manufacturing areas and warehouses. This patent-pending technology that combines infrared heating and direct fired make up air handlers into a single source of responsibility for controls and equipment is an advantage when provided by the same manufacturer. The knowledge of the equipment capabilities can be applied to the control programming for an extremely high level of control, resulting in outstanding reliability and efficiency. 

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