CORAYVAC® High Efficiency Infrared Heating System

CORAYVAC® Infrared Heating System

High Efficiency, Condensing, Infrared Heating System Featuring Modulating Burners and Advanced Controls

CORAYVAC® is an energy efficient system due to its vacuum operated, burners-in-series design, combined with its ability to condense. Lowering exhaust temperatures puts more heat in the space, less wasted through the exhaust, helping result in additional efficiency and fuel savings.

Even though the continuous CORAYVAC® system is an excellent way to maximize heat distribution, by modulating CORAYVAC® burners with ULTRAVAC®, the system can be designed to virtually eliminate hot spots and provide the utmost in comfort. The combination of gentle, even heat results in one of the most efficient and effective gas-fired, low-intensity, infrared heating systems in the industry today.

Enhanced Fuel Savings with Modulation

CORAYVAC® Vacuum Pump Heating System

CORAYVAC® modulating and building management controls package, called ULTRAVAC®, allows building owners to graduate to higher levels of comfort and energy efficiency. PC based centralized building management control and connectivity is provided in an easy-to-use Windows-based software package. These controls, coupled with proper burner modulation (continuous adjustment of fuel and combustion air), compound the energy saving benefits of CORAYVAC®. An economical CORAYVAC® modulating controls package is also available.

Infrared Heating System with Modulating Burners

Uniform Comfort

Continuous burners-in-series design with custom layout provides even heating and uniform comfort. CORAYVAC® systems are custom-engineered and designed to match the specific building plan and space requirements. By more effectively delivering heat to the occupied area (floor level), CORAYVAC® offers many benefits that can result in improved conditions and greater fuel savings.

Commercial/Industrial Heating

CORAYVAC® is a field-proven solution for a variety of today's green industrial and commercial buildings.

  • Machine Shops
  • Bus Garages
  • Package/Parcel Hubs
  • Sports Facilities
  • Loading Docks
  • Distribution Centers
  • Fire Stations
  • Swimming Pools
  • Workshops
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Farm Buildings
  • Zoos
  • Showrooms
  • Truck Terminals
  • Vehicle Service Shops
  • Stores
  • Metal Buildings
  • Hockey Rinks
  • Parking Ramps





Modulating Controls

Vacuum Pumps



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