CARIBE® Factory-Assembled, Low-Intensity, Unitary Infrared Heaters

Designed for Light Commercial Applications

Barn Heater

CARIBE® gas-fired, low-intensity infrared heaters are designed specifically for those hard-to-heat residential areas found in barns, garages, workshops and hobby greenhouses. CARIBE® garage heaters help meet the challenges faced with these areas such as poor insulation, significant air changes when overhead doors are opened and space constraints.

Ceiling-mounted, the heater's compact, u-tube design helps provide even heat distribution, making it suitable for light commercial applications. For use with natural gas or propane, the CARIBE® is easy to install and transport because it's shipped factory assembled in one box. The heater's unique, balanced flue design results in only one wall opening for both exhaust and intake air.

Additional features of the CARIBE® include a 24 Vac dual scale thermostat; reliable direct spark ignition; durable heat-treated aluminized tubing; a quiet, high-efficiency motor and effective, deep-dish aluminum reflectors. CSA design certified, the heater's accessories include kits for roof venting, wall venting and protective grilles (included on select models).


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