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Infrared Heating

Roberts Gordon Infrared Heaters, the obvious choice

Roberts Gordon Infrared Heating

Roberts Gordon® has been a leader in the infrared heating business for over 50 years. Infrared heating product line includes everything from a compact, plug-and-play residential heater to a fully-engineered and designed infrared heating systems. Infrared heaters provide a quiet, clean and comfortable draft-free environment. Heaters are energy efficient and easy to install. Flexible design layout options allow for full heat coverage for each application. Let us help you select the right infrared heater for your application - contact us or find your local representative to purchase.

Infrared heaters heat similar to the suns rays, warming the surface of the earth. As the sun shines on the earth, infrared rays are absorbed into objects and people. With people and objects retaining the absorbed heat, additional heat is released back into the space through convection. With infrared operating and the constant cycle of heated people and objects, ambient temperature is maintained with minimal heat loss.

Major Infrared Components


Burner Tube with Gasket

Burner with Tube Gasket

Burner box contains electrical components and functions as the brain of the infrared heater

Burner Heat Exchanger Tube

Burner Tube

Provided in 10 foot lengths, always the first tube after the burner 

Infrared Tubing

Infrared Tubing

Hot rolled or heat treated aluminized, supplied in 10 foot lengths

Infrared Reflector


Offered in aluminum or stainless steel, allows radiant heat to reflect down and heat the space


Reflector Hanger with Clamp Package

Tube and Reflector Hanger with Clamp Package

Reflector hanger closest to the burner, positioned no more than 4" away from the burner

Reflector Hanger

Tube and Reflector Hanger

Remaining reflector hangers spaced appropriately to support the infrared heater

 Reflector Support Strap

Reflector Support Strap & Wire Form

Reflector support stabilizes reflector from underneath the tube, minimizing vibration

Reflector End Cap

Reflector End Cap

Reflector end cap provides the finishing touch on the infrared system


Infrared Vent Cap

Vent Cap

Attach vent cap at flue and air inlet with vent adapter, when required

Infrared Vent Adapter

Vent Adapter

Vent adapter connects vent cap to flue and/or air inlet

Infrared Tube Coupling

Coupling Assembly with Lock

Coupling allows multiple tubes to attached together tightly and securely

Infrared Turbulator


Turbulator installed on the last section of tube, reduces heat loss