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Infrared Tube Heating


Infrared Heaters are Great For Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Agricultural, or Military Uses & More!

Tube Infrared Heating System

Infrared heating is considered to be one of the most efficient heating methods a business owner can choose to install. Traditional heaters - those designed to heat the air - are drying, inefficient, and often result in ceiling becoming the warmest part of the room. Infrared heaters have none of these undesirable side effects. These heaters work similarly to the sun; the infrared waves emitted by the heaters are absorbed by the room's contents directly, gradually warming them rather than heating the air. The result is a quiet, comfortable, and draft-free facility, and a heating system that is both more energy efficient and more economical than traditional systems. 

Roberts-Gordon has been a leader in the infrared heating industry for the last 50 years. We offer an extremely large variety of products - whether you're looking to heat an airplane hangar or just a small garage, we have the infrared heating system for you. For each application, we place the infrared heaters in strategic positions so that they can distribute heat as evenly as possible throughout your facility. We can help with both the layout and design of your specific system so that it accurately fits the needs of your business. Contact us today or find your local representative for more information on how to begin the process of acquiring your infrared heating system.



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Featured Products

Infrared Heating Controls

Infrared Heating Controls

CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating Control • CORAYVAC® Heating Control • COMPLETE™ Modulating Heating Control


CoRayVac Infrared Heaters


Customized Low-Intensity Infrared Heating System Engineered for Unlimited Heating Possibilities in Commercial and Industrial Applications


CoRayVac Specialty Fuel CNG Infrared Heaters

CoRayVac® SF

Same well-known CORAYVAC®, now Custom Designed for Specialty Fuel Repair Garages, CSA Approved for CNG/LNG vehicle repair shops

Modulating Infrared Heaters

COMPLETE Modulating

Maintain space temperatures and Use Less Energy by Modulating both fuel and combustion air, reducing infrared heater fuel cost and saving money on heating bills.