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Infrared Tube Heating


Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heating Solutions

Roberts Gordon has been manufacturing infrared tube heating systems since the early 1960s and is the industry leader in radiant efficiency. Infrared is an energy efficient heating solution for commercial and industrial applications. Our product range includes fully customized CORAYVAC™ heating systems, COMPLETE™ infrared tube heating systems and COMPACT™ infrared tube heaters.





Infrared Tube Heating Controls

Infrared Heating Controls

CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating Control • CORAYVAC® Heating Control • COMPLETE™ Modulating Heating Control


CoRayVac Infrared Heaters


Customized Low-Intensity Infrared Tube Heating System Engineered for Unlimited Heating Possibilities in Commercial and Industrial Applications


CoRayVac Specialty Fuel CNG Infrared Tube Heaters

CoRayVac® SF

Same well-known CORAYVAC®, now Custom Designed for Specialty Fuel Repair Garages, CSA Approved for CNG/LNG vehicle repair shops

Modulating Infrared Tube Heating

COMPLETE Modulating

Maintain space temperatures and Use Less Energy by Modulating both fuel and combustion air, reducing fuel cost and saving money on heating bills.



Complete Infrared Tube Heater


Low-Intensity, Gas-Fired Unitary Infrared Tube Heating, The Complete Tube Heater with Affordable, Premium Quality Components


Twin Fire Infrared Tube Heater


Centralized dual flame burner box utilizing Twin Fire Technology, delivers the most effective heat distribution in the industry

Harsh Environment Infrared Tube Heating


Infrared tube heating for extreme conditions, Install Outside and in Harsh Environments, such as car washes or covered patios 

Negative Pressure Multi-Burner Infrared Tube Heater


Low-Intensity, Gas-Fired, Multi-Burner Infrared Tube Heating Negative Pressure System and Unitary Heater with Uniform Tube Temperatures



Budget Basic Infrared Tube Heater


Economical Low-Intensity, Basic Heater with Single Stage Gas Valve and Positive Pressure Burner Design for Budget Heating projects

Dual Fire Two Stage Infrared Tube Heating


 Two Distinct Fire Rates with a Dual Fire Gas Valve and Positive Pressure Burner Design ideal for sudden high-heat loss conditions

Residential Approved Infrared Tube Heater


Compact, Fully-Installed out of the box, Low-Intensity, Infrared Tube Heater Approved for Residential Use in garages or small spaces

Negative Pressure Infrared Tube Heating

Vantage® NP

Negative Pressure Low-Intensity, Unitary Heater and Multi-Burner Infrared Tube Heating System