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Infrared Tube Heaters Near Loading Docks

Heating the areas where people need it most 

Heating loading bay areas can be challenging due to the constant activity of doors moving up and down all day. This being the main avenue to accept product in and out of the building, heat loss is unavoidable. Each time the dock door opens, warm air exits the facility. Infrared heaters tackle heating for shipping and receiving areas just the opposite, by not heating the air at all. Stop heating the air and install infared tube heaters overhead near the dock doors.

Infrared Placement



Truck cargo loading area

Uneven temperatures from constant opening and closing of dock doors

Infrared heaters warm cargo and employees during active loading/unloading.


 Manufacturing Plant Loading Docks


Additional Ways to Save MORE Money at the Loading Bay:

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8 Quick Fixes to Increase Energy Efficiency

Using the proper door and including tight trailer seals provide big energy savings


Visualize the Savings with Different Lighting Options

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Focus on Heating Specific Target Areas

Innovative infrared design layout with emphasis on workers and objects