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Vantage® CTH2V Replacement Parts

Gas Valve - Natural

Gas Valve - Natural (40M-20M)
P/N 90032510

Sirous Eftekharinia

Gas Valve - Propane (40M-20M)
P/N 90032512

Ryan Vaughan

Electrode Assembly
P/N 9042740


Madonna Courtney

Ignition Cable
P/N 90427706

Madonna Courtney

Gasket - Viewer
(2 Required, use with P/N 01390203)
P/N 01351200

Zachary Gonet

Viewer Window Assembly
(push in, new style) P/N 02553203


Nina Accurso

Gasket - Burner to Transition Tube
P/N 02568200

Burner Cup Assembly
P/N 03020100

Heather Jackson

Inlet Screen
P/N 03050800


Paige Peterson

Blower Inlet Gasket
P/N 90439300

Kathie Schindler

Wire Jumper
P/N 03090900

Darlene Zylinski

P/N 90436900K


Jim Blount

Flame Sensor
P/N 90439300

Sirous Eftekharinia

Relay SPDT 24VAC
P/N 90447140

Ryan Vaughan

Motor/Blower Assembly
P/N 90708600


Madonna Courtney

Light - Green LED
P/N 91316103

Josh Paufler

Thermostat Connection
P/N 91317900

Zachary Gonet

Thermostat Connection - 3 Pin
P/N 91317901


Nina Accurso

Flue Collar - 4"
P/N 91911704