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Infrared Tube Heaters in Sports Facilities

Allowing players to focus on the game

Roberts Gordon infrared heating delivers warmth right at the level where people enjoy a sports event. Arenas host a multitude of events that require a safe, reliable heating system to keep people comfortable. Consistently heating a large, open arena with ineffective heating results in wasted energy and high bills. The Roberts Gordon CoRayVac® features a unique burners-in-series design that increases fuel savings and comfort, as well as custom options to suit all arena layout needs. 
Working to radiate warmth to surfaces and people, Roberts Gordon infrared heating keeps players and audiences comfortable. Placed overhead, infrared tube heaters in a sports facility will create large heated areas over active sports areas and stands for spectators. Instead of warm air rising and leaving people cold, proper infrared placement and heater angle direction will allow an enjoyable experience for all, while still saving on energy bills. CoRayVac® is the premier heating system in the industry, delivering high-performance heating solutions to areas of all sizes and specifications. 



Infrared Placement



Overhead, creating large heated areas over active sport areas and stands for spectators

Hard to heat large open spaces for sports areas, warm air rises 

Proper infrared placement and heater angle direction, both players and audiences have an enjoyable experience

 Infrared Heater Basketball Court

Tennis Court Infrared Heaters 

Infrared Heater Track Arena