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Twin Fire Gas Fired Infrared Heaters

Twin Fired Infrared Heater

Roberts Gordon® Complete™ TF-Series twin fired infrared tube heater is one of the most effective unitary infrared heaters in the market today. The Complete™ TF patented twin fire infrared heater stands apart from all others. With a centralized burner location, larger surface areas can be heated with less energy. One burner box with two heat exchanger burner tubes allow for maximum heater inputs at lower clearances to combustibles, relative to similar infrared heaters. 

The standard heater design with two heaters in one reduces installation cost. Several suggested design layouts are shown below. Customization is also available with guidelines outlined in the installation, operation and service manual. Common venting or individual venting should be determined before ultimate layout for specific application is chosen.

With a range of infrared heaters available from the Roberts Gordon infrared family of products, the Complete TF supplies the highest burner inputs - up to 380,000 Btu/h. 

Typical Design Layout
Typical Twin Fire Infrared Heater Layout

Each layout is equally effective in maximizing heat pattern and overall twin fired infrared heater performance. All heaters can be common or individually vented depending on building requirements.

Product Specifications

Input (Btu/h) * (1000)

120, 160, 200, 250, 300, 350, 380

Clearances to Combustibles*

63in - 82in / 5.3ft - 6.8ft 

Fuel Type

Natural Gas or LPG Propane

Heat Exchanger Tubing

10ft sections, 4" dia., 16 gauge, first ten feet ALUMI-THERM® steel tubing /
Remaining Heat Treated Aluminized Steel Tubing or Hot Rolled

Reflector and End Caps

.024 Aluminum (Optional- .024 Stainless Steel Type 304) 

Control System

Honeywell® Dual Spark Fully Automatic, Three-Try, Direct Spark Electronic Ignition Control, 100% Shut-off


ANSI Z83.20 / CSA 2.34 / CAN 1-2.20


Three Year Limited 

 *Clearances to Combustibles applies to heater hanging horizontally. Dimension listed for distance below heater.