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Roberts GordonSince its introduction to the market in 1962, CORAYVAC® remains the most efficient and comfortable heating method in the HVAC industry. Like our CORAYVAC® Classic system, the original CORAYVAC® systems were designed for long-lasting high performance that featured cast-iron combustion chambers and heavy duty schedule 40 heat exchangers. Many of the original CORAYVAC® systems such as the CORAYVAC® 4-40 systems are still in operation today!  However, after 50+ years of operation, even the best systems wear down. Replacement parts are increasingly difficult to come by, but ROBERTS GORDON® has the solution!


Introducing the CORAYVAC® 4-40 Replacement Burner

Roberts Gordon

Designed as a true “drop-in” replacement, the CORAYVAC® 4-40 replacement burner will make your old system new again!

The heat exchanger of the CORAYVAC® 4-40 systems were 3” schedule 40 pipe. Our current CORAYVAC® B-series burner is designed for 4” pipe previously making replacing a 4-40 burner impossible. We have developed a special, patent pending, adapter that elevates the burner to the optimum position for a perfect fit to the old CORAYVAC® 4-40 cast-iron combustion chamber.


Roberts Gordon

  • The CORAYVAC® 4-40 replacement burner comes with an industry leading 3-year warranty.
  • A direct replacement makes swapping out the old for the new quick and easy.
  • Modern CORAYVAC® B-series burner increases the efficiency and comfort of the old 4-40 system.
  • ROBERTS GORDON® provides the user flexibility by only needing to replace non-operating burners within the CORAYVAC® system. Also, if the user chooses to replace the entire CORAYVAC® system at a later date, replacement burners may be reused.

CORAYVAC® 4-40 Replacement Burner Spec Download

CORAYVAC® 4-40 Replacement Burner Manual Download