Airplane hangars are built with high ceilings and large, open spaces needed to house airplanes.  Accommodating such a large space with heat can prove to be difficult (and expensive). Infrared heating creates a warming cycle for the space and replaces heat lost through the hangar doors while providing a higher volume of heat for the entire building. Alternate methods of heating are often ineffective in a space with such high ceilings, resulting in rising heat leaving the surface where it needs to be. 

Airplane Hangar Infrared Heaters Every installation of the Roberts Gordon CoRayVac® receives a customized ariplane hangar infrared heating system featuring modulating burners-in-series; this allows for optimal heat coverage throughout the building. CoRayVac® Modulating Heating Control compares indoor and outdoor temperatures to the set point, then adjusts vacuum pressure depending on the call for heat. A unique layout of the custom CoRayVac® is available to suit buildings of all sizes and requirements. 


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Infrared Placement



High ceilings with custom layout design

Over sized hangar doors required to allow aircraft to enter and exit storage area

Customized airplane hangar infrared heater layout concentrating heat on airplanes


Infrared Heater Airplane Hangar

Infrared Heating Plane Hangar