Buffalo, NY Infrared Radiant Heating

Buffalo, NY Infrared Heaters

Whether you are looking for a customized way to heat your garage and home work bench, or you need to figure out how to heat an entire loading dock efficiently and affordably, you will want to look at the advantages found by using infrared radiant heaters to get the job done. Infrared radiant heating combines all aspects of the heating process; convection, combustion, and radiation to mimic the way the sun's rays heat the Earth naturally. If your Buffalo, New York area home or business is in need of a fresh heating solution, infrared radiant heating might prove the solution you never knew was available/

How Infrared Heating Systems Work

Rather than paying the cost and expense of running a blast furnace to warm your Buffalo area business, infrared radiant heating systems utilizes all available methods of heat transfer to create an affordable solution to your heating needs.

As an example, like the sun, infrared heaters cast off heat that is absorbed by the people and objects beneath the heat source. In turn, those people and objects radiate heat out into the atmosphere. Thus, the non-stop cycle of people, equipment, and objects shedding radiated heat added to operation of a radiant heating source results in a consistent ambient temperature with little loss of energy or heat.

Ideal for Heating Large Buffalo, NY Spaces

Anyone concerned with reducing their power costs associated with running their business should look at the advantages afforded by installing an infrared heating source. Easy to install and easier to maintain, infrared heating systems remove the need for large circulating fans to move the warm air throughout your facility. As such, it is an ideal system for large structures such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Sports Arenas
  • Mechanical shops
  • Green Houses
  • Loading Bays
  • Outdoor Patio Area
  • Auto Repair Shops

When you need to warm up large areas, you need to think outside the box and adopt cost effective and efficient systems designed to work across a broad range of applications.

Call About Infrared Radiant Heating

For businesses and homes in the greater Buffalo, New York area, Roberts Gordon provides professional assessments of your heating problems prior to recommending a solution. If infrared radiant heating is your solution, you should contact their local, Buffalo office to discuss your full range of heating options.