Infrared heating systems are ideal for car repair shops with open-door service areas. With cars going in and out all day, heat will also exit out the service doors. Infrared heating will efficiently radiate heat to warm surfaces, machinery, tools, cars, floors, and people. A tube heater will retain heat from the ground-up, making up for lost heat when the service door is in use. Consistent heat can improve a shop's productivity by maintaining the right temperature for vehicles and tools while keeping employees happy.

Car Repair Shop Infrared Heaters Aside from enjoying a comfortable workplace, saving on energy bills is a common benefit of investing in infrared heating. Roberts Gordon has an exclusive collection of infrared heaters suitable for any size shop and heating needs. The tube heaters are installed at ceiling height around the perimeter, in close proximity to the wall with side extensions for best performance. CoRayVac® infrared heaters can also be customized for unlimited heating possibilities, saving energy and fuel costs with increased thermal efficiency using modulating controls. The mounting flexibility of infrared heaters will satisfy quick heat recovery while still maintaining clearances to combustibles, ensuring increased comfort levels and reduced heating costs. 

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Infrared Placement



Ceiling height near the wall with side extensions installated for best heater performance  

Garage doors constantly opening and closing; car service lifts installed with minimal headroom

Infrared heater mounting flexibility satisfies quick heat recovery while still maintaining clearances to combustibles


Infrared Heater Bus Repair Shop

Infrared Tube Heaters Auto Shop