Infrared tube heaters are essential for poultry barns due to their ability to create a uniform heat pattern. By reducing operating expenses and improving the performance of livestock, infrared heating helps chicken barns operate more efficiently. Baby chickens are unable to regular their own body temperature, so infrared heating keeps them comfortable while reducing animal maintenance. Avoid drafts and insufficient heating with one of the most reliable, unique heating systems in the industry. 

Barn Infrared Heaters Placed overhead with a wide heat pattern, there's no need to adjust the system throughout the brooder life cycle. Roberts Gordon VANTAGE® HEV is developed exactly for applications with extreme conditions - ensuring comfort, efficiency, and reduced heating expenses. Every Roberts Gordon burner is made of steel with a powder coated finish for long-lasting performance. The HEv heater is complete with easy-to-use modulating controls, providing thermal efficiency and reliability when it comes to heating sensitive applications like chicken barns. 



Infrared Placement



Overhead with wide heat pattern, no need to adjust throughout brooder life cycle

Baby chickens are unable to regulate their own body temperature 

Low intensity infrared creates a uniform heat pattern vs. high intensity heating or pancake brooder heaters


Horse Barn Stable Infrared Heating

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