Information and tools to have on hand when calling.  


1. Know the serial number as found on the serial plate.

2. Know the model number as found on the serial plate. 

3. Clear access area around infrared heater to allow for test fire.


Tools on hand include a manometer and volt meter.


Infrared Heater Specifics:

1. Heat exchanger tube length.

2. Fresh air supply length.

3. Exhaust pipe length.

4. Quantity of elbows within the system.

5. Type of exhaust pipe.

6. Location and environment where equipment is installed.


All installation and service of ROBERTS GORDON® equipment must be performed by a contractor qualified in the installation and service of equipment sold and supplied by Roberts-Gordon LLC and conform to all requirements set forth in the ROBERTS GORDON® manuals and all applicable governmental authorities pertaining to the installation, service, operation and labeling of the equipment.