High Intensity Electric Infrared Heaters

Perfect for indoor and outdoor commercial/industrial and outdoor residential spaces






Energy Efficient Infrared Heating Right out of the Box


 Our electric infrared heaters offer high performance radiant heating for indoor and outdoor commercial/industrial and outdoor residential spaces alike.  The durable quartz emitter provides long lasting performance in all weather conditions while emitting a soft, radiant glow.  And with three sizes and several mounting and control options, we have the solution for your building.











Installation is as easy as it gets


Installation, operation, and service do not get any easier than with these electric patio heaters.  Simply take our 1500w outside electric heater out of the box, mount it on the wall, plug it in, and enjoy!  Even our 3000w and 6000w electric heaters require minimal wiring and are up and running quickly.












Typical Layouts



The heater can be mounted on a ceiling and directed straight down, or can be wall mounted and angled  anywhere between 38° to 70°. The supplied wall brackets provide this flexibility.











               Indoor Restaurant                                            Outdoor Restaurant                                           Home Patio                                                        Gym




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