Even in the coldest weather, Roberts Gordon heaters ensure firefighters' equipment and clothing will be warm and call-ready. After an emergency, infrared heating will dry vehicles and equipment quickly for when it's needed next. Inefficient heating can leave firefighters' equipment damp and uncomfortable while providing little support to defrosting or defogging fire trucks. Avoid long recovery times and cold tools around the fire hall by installing an infrared heating system for optimal building comfort.  

Fire house Infrared Heaters Infrared tube heaters can be installed above fire trucks in garages, or along the side wall with extensions installed. This placement will provide constant heat to dry off vehicles after emergencies in any weather condition. Warm air will not be wasted when the fire house garage doors open, nor will it be trapped at the ceiling. Roberts Gordon infrared heaters are the only systems on the market with controls that sense outdoor temperature to adjust to the entire heat requirement of the building. Directing warmth to work surfaces, people, and vehicles, infrared heating tubes are an efficient source of heat - without the hefty costs of heating a large firehouse garage, with no time to waste on wet equipment. 



Infrared Placement



Overhead above fire trucks in garages OR along the side wall with side extensions installed

Unpredictable emergencies in all weather conditions causing precipitation buildup on fire trucks; Need for drying emergency vehicles after frequent garage washes

Infrared heaters inside fire house garages warm trucks when not in use and dries moisture off after cleanings


Fire House Infrared Heating