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Greenhouses present a particular heating challenge; the typical building materials used in their construction as well as their structure makes them susceptible to inconsistent temperatures when traditional heating systems are used. Greenhouse temperatures can also be affected by unfavorable weather conditions. Heating and energy costs are often some of the biggest expenses for greenhouse owners. Roberts Gordon has the solution - our greenhouse infrared tube heaters will maintain even temperatures and will ensure that no frost damage occurs, so that maximum production can be achieved.

Greenhouse Infrared HeatersGreenhouse infrared heating systems work best when installed at the peak of the building, near the ridge. VANTAGE® HEV heaters are engineered for extreme conditions allowing for a long lasting performance - guaranteed. The easy-to-use modulating controls provide a simple, reliable method of regulating heat and protecting plants from damage. Once installed, growers can enjoy improved performance and significant fuel savings with our greenhouse heating system compared to traditional heating systems.


Infrared Placement



Greenhouse peak, near ridge

Inconsistent temperatures throughout greenhouse space due to ridge draft and poor weather conditions

Greenhouse nfrared heaters maintain even temperatures throughout the greenhouse, providing frost protection and maximizing production.


Greenhouse Heaating

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