Gas-Fired, Energy Efficient Infrared Heating for Greenhouses


For the healthiest, highest quality plants




GreenHouse Infrared HeaterS - Gentle, Even Heat, Just Like The Sun

Infrared Heating Benefits


Even temperature from canopy to soilImproves Soil Conditions - Provides better germination, rooting and even plant growth.

Provides Dryer Environment - Eliminating effects of humidity, reducing powdery mildew and disease.






Keeps Plants Warmer Than the Air - Virtually eliminating moisture forming on plants and potential for disease.

Energy Efficient – Uses less energy by heating plants, soil, benches, floors, and objects, not the air.

Promotes Natural Processes - evapotranspiration, photosynthesis, and natural ventilation.

Let’s you focus on growing!   Dependable operation, less downtime, increased production




  Two Major Types of Low-Intensity Infrared Heaters Used in Greenhouse Applications

Unitary greenhouse infrared heaters
These heaters have a single burner located at one end of the heat exchanger tube. The combustion takes place at the burner end, and the products of combustion are exhausted or vented at the opposite end. As a result, one end of the heat exchanger tube is warmer and gives off more heat than the other end. If the heater is mounted high enough, the end-to-end heat difference is minimized. Since most greenhouse buildings are relatively low (less than 20' [6 m] high), the difference in heat can be noticed from end to end. To minimize the uneven heat distribution, the heater can be installed in a U-shape. As a result of making a U-shape, the overall length of the heater is halved, reducing the area of heat coverage at the floor.


Burners-in-series greenhouse infrared heaters
These heaters are most suitable for greenhouse installations requiring even heating. Burners-in-Series heating systems have multiple burners along the length of a heat exchanger tube. The burners are incrementally spaced along the heat exchanger tube to allow the heat exchanger tube to be reheated before surface temperatures cool. This type of infrared heating system offers heat distribution far beyond the capabilities of unitary heaters or high-intensity heaters. Overall heater lengths can be much longer, and system shape is custom engineered to fit the greenhouse type. Multiple burners are vented through a single pump allowing fewer venting penetrations. Heaters with the trade name CORAYVAC® have a Burners-in-Series design.



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