Infrared Heating for Aviation Facilities


Keep people warm without wasting energy

Find the balance between optimal comfort and minimum operating costs

How low-intensity infrared heaters can help heat your aviation facility

Facillities such as airplane hangars struggle with heating problems due to the vast space and the hangar door constantly opening and closing.  Traditional heating systems not only sacrifice warmth but waste energy in the process.  Thats where our infrared technology comes in...

Roberts-Gordon Infrared Heaters provide total building heating that warms people, floors, and objects evenly and efficiently.  Our heaters keep floors warm for an extended period of time, perfect for aviation facilities where doors are always open.  Better yet, our heaters can save you 40% compared to traditional systems. Other benefits include...

  • Flexible design - target heat where needed and accomodate any structral obstacles

  • Drier climate - floors and planes stay dry, reducing slips and falls to keep workers safe

  • Clean and quiet - eliminate loud blowing air

  • Minimal maintainance - enjoy years of trouble free operation

For years owners have trusted our infrared technology to keep their aviation facilities comfortable and safe.  Questions?  Our knowledgeable reps and factory support can answer all your questions from design all the way to start-up.  Download our brochure and contact us today to learn more on how we can help you heat your facility.


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