Infrared Heater Rebates

Putting money back in your pocket
Database of State Incentives for Renewables& EfficiencyCanadian Grants and Financial Incentives

We already know about the many benefits of infrared heating and the design flexibility offered by the wide range of infrared tube heaters available from Roberts Gordon. Why not have a little extra cash based on your decision to purchase from the most well known infrared tube manufacturer in the United States? Each state/province is different based on individual qualifications. Additional benefit programs may be available based on location.

Many companies today are moving towards green buildings and with that installing equipment with renewable resources. Commercially installed infrared tube heaters are one way buildings can move towards a more energy efficient heating option. Rebate programs provide the ability for customers and building owners to offset the cost of the initial purchase price of the equipment. 

Do you want be be rewarded for your decision to install energy efficient infrared heaters in your building?
Did you install Roberts Gordon infrared tube heaters in the United States or Canada?
Do you like saving money?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place. 

Both the United States and Canada offer rebate incentives for infrared heating equipment. DSIRE┬« is an extensive database that offers information and incentive opportunities for companies within the United States to receive rebates for installing energy efficient products. The Government of Canada provides grants and financial incentives based on province or territory location. 

Featured US Infrared Heater Rebate Programs

New Jersey Clean Energy Infrared Heater Rebates Program

New Jersey's
Clean Energy Program

After approval, receive $500 per unit up to 100 MBh and $300 per unit over 100 MBh.

Minnesota Energy Resources Infrared Heater Rebate Program

Minnesota Energy Resources

After qualifying installation, low-intensity infrared heaters can provide a rebate of $250 per unit.

Energy Smart, Nicor Gas Program Infrared Heater Rebate Program

Energy Smart, Nicor Gas Program

Low-intensity heaters with electronic ignition, designed for indoor use, qualify for $700 rebate. 

Gas Networks Infrared Heater Rebate Program

Gas Networks

For multiple units installed, industrial infrared heating system rebates available valued at $750.

Featured Canadian Infrared Heater Rebate Programs
Gazifere Infrared Heater Rebate Program


Financial assistance based on BTU range for natural gas infrared heaters, up to $250.

Union Gas Infrared Heater Rebate Program

Union Gas

Incentive programs offered for customers, HVAC contractors and distributors up to $400 per unit.

Gaz Metro Infrared Heater Rebate Information

Gaz Metro

Roberts Gordon eligible equipment listed by make and model, financial grant of up to $500.

Sask Energy Infrared Heater Rebate Program

Sask Energy

Infrared radiant heater incentives calculated based on BTU range, up to $1,000 per heater

This information is provided simply as a helpful tool for users with installed low-intensity infrared tube heaters to capture possible rebates. Roberts Gordon is not affiliated with rebate programs. Rebate values and information for each individual company may change at any time. Infrared heaters must meet qualifying requirements to receive rebates. 

Rebate Information Checked/Updated July 7, 2017