Get warm faster with the most energy efficient loading dock heaters in the industry

Roberts-Gordon Infrared Heaters recover your heat quickly to increase workers' productivity and safety.

Keeping loading docks warm and comfortable can be extremely challenging.

Most people have heard someone say “Shut the door, you’re letting all the cold air in!” In fact, the opposite is happening as heat goes where heat is not. In actuality, heat is escaping right out the door every time someone opens it.


Not the best way to do it...

There are many types of heating equipment that try to combat this heat loss. A very common method is using warm air heaters that blow heated air down to occupant level. Although effective at heating the air momentarily, the heated air will rise and easily blow out the door as soon as it is opened. This results in frequent temperature swings and a loud, drafty heater running constantly.

Unit Heater on a Loading Dock      

The ideal heating solution

Infrared heating is a proven heating method that warms people and objects directly.

How does it work?

As the heat exchanger warms up, it releases energy in the form of radiant heat. The reflector above the heat exchanger deflects the radiant heat downwards to the occupied level covering people and objects below in a blanket of warmth. Heating people directly results in much higher comfort levels.


It gets better!

As the infrared heat warms the objects directly, a heat reservoir begins to build into the floor and the surrounding objects. This essentially turns the floor into the heat source. As a result, the heat recovery time is far less after the door has been opened. This is an extremely efficient way to maintain high comfort levels as infrared heaters do not need to run nearly as much as warm air heaters, resulting in significant energy savings.


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