Total Infrared Heating Solutions

Roberts Gordon, the leader in radiant efficiency and infrared heating

Roberts Gordon offers compact, complete and custom infrared heating solutions with energy efficient components. The entire product offering benefits from our systems based approach. Each product category delivers a high range of radiant efficiency and product durability. 



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 Infrared Heating

Roberts Gordon CoRayVac® custom heating solutions deliver high quality, long-lasting, customized, energy efficient products. CoRayVac® has been, and continues to be, a recognized leader and product name within the HVAC industry. The CoRayVac® design and brand has been synonymous with energy efficiency and continues to deliver high-quality heating solutions today. 

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Infrared Tube Heating

Roberts Gordon COMPLETE™ heating solutions offer a wide range of reliable and specifiable product types, previously known as the Vantage® line. Each product defines itself as unique to specific markets based on identifiable traits. Infrared tube heaters with modulating technology, twin fire burners and stainless steel reflectors are just a few of the distinguishable features available within the scope. 

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Infrared Heaters

Roberts Gordon COMPACT™ heating solutions offer positive pressure infrared tube heaters heating with budget friendly, quick heating applications. Two stage and single stage technology are available within the COMPACT™ range.