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Roberts Gordon is a pioneer in infrared heating technology and continues to be the market leader providing you with high-quality products supported by knowledgeable factory personnel and manufacturers representatives. Our pioneering spirit has once again lead to our re-inventing the industry through our latest innovations and product advancements. 
Roberts Gordon has one of only a few test facilities in the world that has the capability to test radiant heaters to a newly released AHRI 1330 Standard. This is a performance standard for radiant output of gas-fired infrared heaters. The Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute has developed this new radiant efficiency standard which has been approved by ANSI as well as the Standards Council of Canada. This AHRI 1330 Standard also defines an infrared factor or IF with a performance rating based on heat emission. The infrared factor scale ranges from a low of seven to a high of fifteen. The factor is based on the radiant coefficient or in simpler terms, percentage of radiant output. An infrared factor of fifteen is equivalent to a seventy percent or greater efficient radiant output. 
Roberts Gordon offers COMPACT™, COMPLETE™, and custom solutions with energy efficient components throughout the whole system- Delivering value, comfort, and energy efficiency. Roberts Gordons' CoRayVac® system, combined with modulating controls, provides the highest radiant and thermal efficient system available today. With an IF rating of fifteen, our entire product offering benefits from our systems based approach resulting in the most efficient product line in the industry today. 
The Roberts Gordon COMPACT™ line (formally known as GordonRay®) provides basic heater models with an IF rating of thirteen. The COMPACT™ DF heater is a cost effective solution that provides two-stage operation. 
For decades the Vantage® name has been synonymous with durability, quality, and longevity. Roberts Gordon has re-imagined and enhanced this field-proven product. In line with the re-design, Vantage® has been re-branded as the new Roberts Gordon COMPLETE™ line, which has an IF rating of fourteen. We've not only improved its performance, we've given it a sleeker, smaller, simpler burner box, that makes it more convenient to transport, install and maintain. The burner cup has been re-located to outside the enclosure and inside the tube providing optimized flame performance with less turbulence. Flame safety control is supplied through a durable, proven, direct spark ignition system with low amp draw. This allows more heaters to be combined on a single circuit managed by a thermostat or controller. Gas and ignition controls are now individual components making service and troubleshooting easier while reducing maintenance cost and downtime. We've also attached the blower to a removable door for ease of access, cleaning or replacement. Captured mounting studs allow easy assembly of the tube to the burner, allowing for simple, single person installation. An easy to see indicator light is also provided so operators can conveniently check system status.
Roberts Gordon continues to target reduction of energy consumption with significant advancement in controls. Our new web-enabled control enhances energy savings with its ability to modulate burners allowing them to meet space conditions while maximizing efficiency. The modulation of heating equipment provides the precise amount of heat when and where it is needed. This gives your heating system the ability to operate at peak efficiencies throughout the entire heating season. 
Our new control system incorporates the proven operating efficiency of our proprietary control algorithms into a modern controller platform. Using ASHRAE standards, native BACnet protocol, this new control gives direct compatibility for integration into the majority of today's building automation systems. A user-friendly graphical touch-screen interface with multi-level access is provided for initial start-up and commissioning as well as on-going monitoring and user adjustments of set-points and schedules. A smart mobile device may also be used for these procedures. Communicating wall temperature sensors with LCD displays offer local adjustments within permitted operating ranges along with schedule overrides and display of alarm codes. System options include a web server based software package to provide extensive monitoring, trending, and reporting capabilities for both local and remote access through devices using common standard web browsers.
To get the most out of every BTU, we re-engineered the tube and reflector system. This new design provides the highest radiant efficiency rating in the market today and on average outperforms the current designs radiant efficiency by an increase of twenty-two percent. The reflector is wider and deeper with an improved geometry that increases the reflective surface area. More heat is held inside the reflector longer, so you get more heat directed to your workspace where you actually need it and less convective heat to the ceiling where it is wasted. The cost savings associated with this advancement comes to you in the form of both lower fuel use and a reduction in equipment. We have proven this by comparing the radiant output of two identical 100,000 btu per hour heaters, with one difference - One has our new reflector design, the other a simpler design. Through this comparison, we can demonstrate that an output of only 80,000 btu per hour, is required to get the same radiant heat output with the new reflector. An additional benefit of this new geometric shape is that the tube is strategically positioned away from reflective infrared rays. This reduces stress on the tube, therefore extending tube life. 
Roberts Gordon has unmatched features and benefits to deliver the right solution from simple to complex applications, with the COMPACT™, COMPLETE™, and CORAYVAC® product lines. With these new innovations, Roberts Gordon delivers the most efficient radiant heating system on the market by combining the highest infrared factor of fifteen with the highest thermal efficiency produced by our modulating control. As you can see, our pioneering spirit is alive and well. Over the years, it has allowed us to revolutionize our industry. Today it is still fueling the innovations that will propel our industry into the future with Roberts Gordon leading the way.