As with auto garage shops, it's important for vehicles of all sizes to be kept at certain temperatures. Heating large spaces and vehicles require a lot of energy. Infrared heating works to warm spaces and objects through heat radiation. The Roberts Gordon CoRayVac® infrared heating system offers a fully-engineered design for complete building comfort while reducing the cost of heating bills with increased thermal efficiency through modulation; this control produces an energy-efficient heating process that is unmatched.  

large Vehicle Storage Infrared Heaters Fully customizable, CoRayVac® heaters can be placed over head near garage doors and throughout the building to maintain even temperatures. Large garage doors required to move oversized vehicles result in high heat loss when operated. An infrared heater will warm floors and objects, working up to vehicles and people. The constant radiating of heat into the space will allow for a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the building. Maximize fuel savings and comfort, while minimizing on heating costs for large vehicle storage with Roberts Gordon infrared tube heating.



Infrared Placement



Overhead near garage doors; throughout garage to maintain even temperatures 

Large garage doors required to move oversized vehicles resulting in high heat loss

Infrared heaters warm floors and surrounding objects within the space to create a heat sync, allowing heat to re-radiate into the space and quickly bringing the room back up to thermostat temperature


Infrared Heater Large Vehicle Storage

Infrared Heater for Large Vehicles