Dock doors are a critical component in manufacturing plants and storage warehouse buildings. They accept product into and out of the building on a consistent basis. The main problem within this area of the building, heat loss is unavoidable. Heat loss is simply the loss of heat from an object or space within a building or area. 

Loading Dock Infrared Heating SystemAs shipping/receiving doors open, warm air leaves the building resulting in cold spaces and high heating costs. There are many products out there to tackle this problem, but the most energy efficient is loading dock infrared tube heaters. Infrared tube heaters provide a draft free heat with lower indoor air temperatures required to heat the space.

Suitable for all sizes and budgets, Roberts Gordon has a full range of infrared heaters to effectively accommodate heating loading dock areas within a building. VANTAGE® and GORDONRAY® tube heaters offer a full range of BTU rates, ideal for spaces large or small. 


Infrared Placement



Truck cargo loading area

Uneven temperatures from constant opening and closing of dock doors

Infrared heaters warm cargo and employees during active loading/unloading.


Loading Dock Infrared Heating