Attend our Loading Dock Doors Presentation

How to Properly Apply Infrared Heat in Loading Docks

Instructor: Don Larsson
[email protected]

Learn about the effectiveness of infrared heat for specific areas such as loading dock doors for distribution centers, manufacturing areas and warehouses. Correct placement of heaters within the perimeter of a facility usually involves loading dock doors. With as many as 600 loading dock doors in a single facility, the correct application of heaters is very important. Infrared heating has an added benefit over forced air heating due to the infrared factor. This, along with re-radiance, will be explained in detail. Understanding the physical properties of infrared energy will also be learned. Our CORAYVAC® system has been the leading heating product in Federal, Industrial and Commercial applications for decades. The benefit of “Burners-in-Series”, compared to “Unitary Burners” and “Parallel Burners” will also be covered.