Commercial Infrared Heating

Heating systems have come a long way since their creation. Despite being vast improvements on their older counterparts, modern heating techniques may come with their own problems. During colder days, a furnace will work overtime to pump hot air through a building. The issue? It's an incredibly inefficient way to heat a larger facility. And rather than heat the whole area, it only heats the area around the heating vent. But there's a better way - commercial infrared heating.

Roberts Gordon Commercial Infrared Tube Heaters

Commercial Infrared Tube Heaters

Over the last fifty years, Roberts Gordon has worked to become a leader in the commercial radiant heating business. We've designed and engineered commercial infrared heating for loading docks, airplane hangers, sports arenas, outdoor covered patios, warehouses and greenhouses. We've seen nearly every commercial heating challenge that could possibly come up, and we've defeated them all through our use of radiant heat.

Commercial Radiant Heating

Using commercial infrared tube heaters is a lot like using the sun to heat an area. Heat is distributed by the heat source, absorbed by aspects of the surrounding area, then reflected back into that area throughout the day - the same way the sun will heat a strip of road. By using commercial infrared heating, you'll be using a heating system that is quiet, clean, and provides a draft-free environment. For larger buildings in particular, infrared heating is also more energy efficient.

At Roberts Gordon, we offer a wide selection of commercial infrared heating solutions. We have simple options for small facilities, and we have more elaborate options for large applications. These included a full-engineered and custom designed radiant tube heating system that will fit the unique needs of your building.

Ready to Stop Huddling by the Heating Vent?

If you're interested in commercial infrared heating, give us a call, or fill out the form online to contact us. We can't wait to be your commercial heating solution.