A comfortable work environment is important for repair workers. With metal tools and large machinery, exposure to the cold produces an unproductive work atmosphere. Heating a large facility can be expensive. Infrared heating offers a solution to warm objects and the people working with them, rather than wasting resources trying to warm the air as it rises to the high ceiling of the building. 

Maintenance Facility Infrared Heaters Infrared tube heaters can be mounted at the ceiling, or offset with reflector panels to directly heat spaces appropriately. No matter the layout of a facility, Roberts Gordon CoRayVac® infrared heaters can be customized to safely and efficiently warm a space with infrared heating. The modulating controls of CoRayVac® take efficiency to the next level. The heaters compare indoor and outdoor air temperatures for efficient modulation - bringing thermal efficiency to a maintenance facility of any size and use. Keep machinery warm and employees content, all while lowering energy and fuel costs with infrared heating. 



Infrared Placement



High ceiling mounted or offset with side reflector panels to direct heat appropriately

Working with metal tools or large equipment with metal surfaces and constant exposure to the colder environment produces an unsatisfactory working atmosphere

Infrared heaters warm objects and people, creating a heat source within each item.


Infrared Heater Maintenance Facility

Infrared Heater Maintenance Facilities