A museum environment should be comfortable and quiet for patrons to enjoy exhibits. Heating large, open spaces can be an expensive feat. Infrared heating allows for an energy-efficient, quiet solution that will enhance the experience of patrons. The modulating controls of Roberts Gordon heaters are easy-to-use and provide convenient access to check building status with any smart device, ensuring museum environments are comfortable so people can focus on what's important - the exhibits.

Museum Infrared HeatersRoberts Gordon infrared tube heaters are ceiling mounted and can be concealed with the use of decorative grills. The CoRayVac® low-intensity infrared heater provides a fully-engineered design and layout option for optimal building comfort, with modulating controls that compare indoor and outdoor temperatures for consistency. Fully customizable, CoRayVac® heaters are ideal for large spaces. With lower exhaust temperatures providing energy and fuel savings, infrared heating is the perfect solution to outdated, noisy heating systems.

Infrared Placement



Ceiling mounted, at times concealed with use of decorative grills

Large open spaces with lots of windows to bring in natural light for optimal viewing of collections on display

Infrared heater placement at high ceiling heights allows for wide heat pattern in large open spaces

Infrared Heater Museum

Infrared Heater Museum