Outdoor infrared heaters for restaurants, patios, balconies & other outside venues - ready to ship!


Outdoor Infrared Heaters

  • Restaurants, bars, patios & balconies
  • Wineries & breweries
  • Fitness centers & sporting venues
  • Churches & campgrounds
  • Dog kennels, horse barns & other animal housing



Roberts-Gordon gas-fired, infrared heaters gently bathe people, floors & objects in warmth, just like the sun heats the earth. Occupants feel the warmth of the sun, even on cold days, with outdoor infrared heaters.


Address indoor covid capacity restrictions, Expand floor space outside, keep customers warm & comfortable throughout winter.


How to size outdoor heaters



Outdoor infrared heaters designed for harsh environments - VANTAGE® HEM

  • Heavy duty, industrial-grade heater for long-lasting performance.
  • Attractive, durable, powder coated black burner box with stainless steel fasteners withstands harsh elements.
  • Spot welded, sealed burner box with weather resistant gaskets keeps moisture out.
  • Internal partition in the burner box separates combustion air from electrical components for increased longevity.
  • Optional accessories:
    • Protective grilles for radiant tube coverage
    • Potentiometer for manual comfort control
  • Specifications:
    • Natural gas or propane
    • Btu/h from 40,000 up to 200,000
    • Tube lengths from 10 ft to 60 ft
    • Three-year limited warranty
    • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) & Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified


Restaurant Tent Heater

Open Patio Heater

Patio Bar Heater

Outdoor Bar Heater



Eligible for federal, state or county funding assistance in some locales


** Approved solution to indoor capacity restrictions