Extending your outdoor season and keeping customers comfortable are best achieved with infrared tube heaters. Easily installed under awnings or outdoor patios and covered areas, the tube heaters are protected from unpredictable weather that can make patio seating difficult. Rather than warming the air around the patio and wasting energy, infrared heaters keep patrons and furnishings warm instead - ensuring a longer, more comfortable patio season.

Outdoor Patio Infrared Heaters The Roberts Gordon VANTAGE® HEV-Series infrared heater is approved for extreme weather conditions and provides long lasting heat performance. Because infrared heats like the sun, the VANTAGE® HEV-Series brings the comfort of the indoors to an outside patio. The burner box of the infrared tube heater minimizes exposure to dirt and moisture from combustion air, which provides a clean and quiet heating experience. The HEV heater withstands what nature throws at it, making it the ideal choice for outdoor patios and event spaces. 



Infrared Placement



Under awnings or outdoor patios and other areas, protected from the elements of wind, rain or snow buildup

Weather is unpredictable and constantly changing, making restaurant patio seating a challenge 

Infrared heaters are able to keep patrons warm and happy while enjoying the weather outdoors 


Infrared Heater Outdoor Patio

Infrared Heater Outdoor Patios