With the Roberts Gordon VANTAGE® Harsh-Environment Modulating infrared patio heater, you can keep your patio open and your customers comfortable, well into the colder months.

Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater

Infrared heating is different than the traditional heating system you're familiar with. Instead of warming the air, it targets objects instead, most importantly, people. Think of the warmth of the sun on your face. That is exactly what infrared heat is! It keeps customers toasty and provides the benefit of continued revenue generation from the space you would typically lose out on during chilly nights and colder months.  

The heater may be fueled by either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. It is easily installed, maintained and can be customized to fit anywhere! Additionally, setting ROBERTS GORDON® apart from all others, a three year limited warranty is included with this and every Roberts Gordon® infrared tube heater.

Durabile and Energy Efficient

Roberts Gordon® offers a full line of heating products that suit everything from a residential garage, to an industrial warehouse. The VANTAGE® Harsh-Environment Modulating infrared heater is approved for outdoor use in most small to medium sized applications, including commercial and residential. It provides a permanent, long-lasting, and energy efficient heating solution. Whether you want to add it to the awning in your backyard, or on the patio of a restuarant, the Vantage heater is a perfect fit.

Easy-To-Use Control Options

Most infrared patio heaters feature only an ON/OFF button. This can become difficult to manage on a milder day. You don't want your customers too hot with it on, nor too cold with it off. You need to find a good in-between, which is why the VANTAGE® Harsh-Environment Modulating patio heater provides the ability to manually, or automatically adjust the infrared heater’s output. This maintains a comfortable patio temperature, keeps customers happy and puts more money back into your pocket!

Infrared Patio Heater


Outdoor Patio Heater


Dial In Customer Comfort on Your Patio!


Patio Heater

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Maintain comfort levels and extend your patio season through modulation
  • Reduce maintenance and operation costs with high-quality and efficient heating equipment
  • Handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you with durable, long-lasting components
  • Convenient, permanent solution located up and out of the way, allows more room for customers