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infrared heating For military applications in airplane hangars, vehicle service centers and warehouses

Infrared Helicopter Hangar Installation

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Infrared Aviation Installation



Infrared Loading Dock Installation

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Infrared heating is similar to how the sun heats the earth. The sun does not heat the air, it actually heats the earth directly. The air around the earth is heated through re-radiation and convection. The same is true for infrared heaters as they heat people, floors, equipment and objects in the space. These objects, in turn, retain the heat and warm the space through re-radiation and convection.



Gentle, even heat    Improved comfort using less energy    Flexible designs

Save time and money with burner replacements

Field proven with thousands of military projects

Infrared Heating Benefit, Heat Like the Sun

Heats Like the Sun

Infrared heats similar to the sun heating the earth, gently warming people and objects with radiant energy.



Infrared Heating Benefit, Easy to Install Operate and Maintain

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Infrared tube heaters are easy to install indoors or outdoors, operate efficiently and maintain for many years.

Infrared Heating Benefit, Draft Free Heating

Draft Free Heating

Infrared heating provides draft free heating using radiant energy to heat without the need for large warm air fans to move heat around the building.

Infrared Heating Benefit, Naturally part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Infrared Spectrum

Infrared is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, located between microwaves and the visible light we see each and everyday.

Infrared Heating Benefit, Lower Energy Bills

Lower Air Temperatures

Indoor air temperature thermometer reading can be set lower, due to infrared heat absorption and radiation of objects and people. 

Infrared Heating Benefit, Indoor Heat Reservoirs are Created

Indoor Heat Reservoirs Created

Infrared heater energy is stored within objects and then released back into the space through convection, allowing for a rapid heat recovery.

Infrared Heating Benefit, Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

Infrared tube heaters quietly heat spaces through standard radiant heating methods. 

Infrared Heating Benefit, Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Infrared tube heaters can reduce energy bills up to 50% compared to alternative heating systems.