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Roberts Gordon Delivers Energy Savings with EBER HVAC

COMPLETE™ Modulating Heater Installation

An auto repair shop in Johnstown, PA, just over an hour drive from Pittsburgh, PA, has been enjoying the comfort and energy savings of Roberts Gordon infrared modulating heaters for years. An installing contractor, Eber Verhovsek, has been a customer of Herrmann Associates and Roberts Gordon for ten years now. He has installed modulating heaters in his own auto shop and recognized 'first-hand' the reduced operating cost associated with infrared heaters vs. the standard commercial forced air systems. 

"I have been installing Roberts Gordon heaters for many years. ... not only do I install them, I also recommend them."
- Eber Verhovsek

Eber Verhovsek, President of EBER HVAC

Building owners and contractors alike are familiar with the cost efficient heating method associated with infrared heaters. In addition to the 50% fuel savings over air heating, when installing new high-efficiency reflectors vs. clean standard reflectors radiant output gains can increase by up to 25%.

The new high-efficiency reflector, released September 2016, delivers an increased amount of heat to the floor with a wider reflective surface area. As the round heat exchanger tube emits infrared energy, it is dispersed in all directions. With a typical infrared reflector mounted over the tube, infrared energy is then directed to the floor and absorbed by objects and people below. Some infrared energy bounces back to the tube, resulting in loss of energy and tube degradation. The new high-efficiency reflector eliminates bounce back and delivers all the radiant heat to the floor, where it is needed most. 

Product Installed: COMPLETE™ CTH3 Modulating Heaters with High-Efficiency Reflectors




About the Installing Contractor:
Eber Verhovsek is the President of Eber HVAC. EBER HVAC has been in business for over 20 years and serves commercial, institutional, and industrial customers of all sizes. The experienced staff focuses on personalized service and design for installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.