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Erin Flannery of ConstructConnect Insight

As you know, Roberts Gordon is a leader in the infrared heating industry. We have been manufacturing infrared tube heaters in Buffalo since the early 1960s.

Erin Flannery from ConstructConnect™ Insight is working with Roberts Gordon to help grow your sales for this and every upcoming heating season. Erin is available for webinar training and individual sessions to ensure you are comfortable with the ConstructConnect™ Insight software. 

Do you already use BidClerk®, CDC, CMD or iSqFt software to find out more about the construction market? Do you pay a lot for that subscription? Roberts Gordon representatives can purchase a seat under the RG License at a discounted rate. Fill out the form below to sign up. More information on program parameters is below.

Contact Customer Service: [email protected]
312-267-1027 • ConstructConnect™ Website

Roberts Gordon has an annual subscription to ConstructConnect™ Insight. ConstructConnect™ Insight is a web-based platform from Construction Market Data (CMD) that provides construction project data, throughout the US and Canada, for private and public projects in all phases of construction. The program also provides specification data. 

ConstructConnect™ Insight is a powerful tool that gives representatives visibility into the projects, companies, and contacts in a given territory so representatives can proactively grow their business. Below are the program FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

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Screen Shots of Program in Action
Actionable Analytics, ConstructConnect™ Insight

Actionable Analytics

Intelligent Leads, ConnectConstruct™ Insight

Intelligent Leads

Project Share, ConstructConnect™ Insight

Project Share

Buyer Activity Report, ConstructConnect™ Insight

Buyer Activity Report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



How much is this going to cost the representative for a seat on the Roberts Gordon subscription?

NOTE: Cost is on an annual basis, per seat. For multiple seat information, click here.

For Intelligent Leads (projects) access, the cost is $600 USD*.
For both Intelligent Leads & Analyze (specifications) access,
the cost is $800 USD*. 
*All transactions occur in USD. 
For more information on each platform, see marketing materials below from ConstructConnect™ Insight.
To sign up, fill out the form below.

Who does the representative submit payment - CMD or Roberts Gordon?

The representative must pay Roberts Gordon in advance, with a credit card before access to ConstructConnect™ Insight is granted. Fill out the form below to sign up. Credit Card statement charge will read - Roberts Gordon. Credit card charge date is TBD (to be determined). 

Can the representative search for their other manufacturers' products in ConstructConnect™ Insight?

Yes, the representative can, but keep in mind that since this discounted rate is provided by RG, the focus should be on Roberts Gordon. We understand representatives will need to access other manufacturers' products from time to time, but if the activity for RG is minimal, Roberts Gordon reserves the right to terminate the representatives' access. If termination occurs, the representative will be refunded a proportionate share of the remaining amount. 

Will there be training available for ConstructConnect™ Insight? 

Yes. Erin Flannery, ConstructConnect™ Senior Customer Success Manager - Major Market, will conduct initial training webinars and the details of the program will be discussed in the webinars. Additional training will be scheduled after the representative purchases the program. 

What happens if the representative leaves Roberts Gordon? The seat will be terminated and the representative will be refunded a proportionate share of the remaining amount. 
How does the representative order a seat/purchase with a credit card? To order a seat on ConstructConnect™ Insight, complete the form below. 
Can you send me an invoice vs. paying with a credit card? No. All transactions must take place by credit card. Invoices will not be generated. Receipts will be sent out once the transaction is processed. All transactions are in USD.
How soon after sign up can I have access? After credit cards are charged the appropriate amount, access will be granted shortly after. To learn more contact Madonna Courtney or your Regional Sales Manager
Why would the representative want or need to purchase multiple seats?
Can't we all just use the same login username and password?
A representative may want to purchase multiple seats because only one user/login can only be signed on at one time. If a login is shared with multiple offices and multiple users try to sign on with the same credentials, the active user will be disconnected. 
Having one seat per multiple offices may take extra time and coordination. If you have multiple offices, we encourage you to purchase additional seats. Use the 'message' window in the form below to relay appropriate information. 


Sign up For ConstructConnect™ Insight
At Roberts Gordon, we value your security and your credit card information. After clicking Submit, contact Nina Accurso to relay credit card information to complete the transaction. Please have your 16 digit credit card number ready that matches the Name as Displayed on Card information as you filled out in form the above. Also, the 3 digit security code located on the back of your card will be required. Thank you and we look forward to helping you grow your business by 20%+ this and every heating season.

Marketing Materials from ConstructConnect™ Insight  
Click each image below to download marketing materials and view larger.