CORAYVAC® Heating Control

Multi-Burner Control System For Negative Pressure Infrared
System Controller

Fully programmed from the factory, the system controller is ready for installation once it arrives on site with corresponding negative pressure infrared system. CoRayVac® and Vantage® CTHN multi-burner infrared heating systems are paired with this controller for optimal use. Panel accommodates up to four zones and two vacuum pumps. System controller is housed within a NEMA 1 all metal enclosure. This provides for additional durability suitable for all application types.

For additional space temperature control, various 24 volt thermostats can be paired with the system control. Based on the application, certain zones may operate off a single thermostat. System requires a Roberts Gordon® approved pressure switch be installed to ensure proper safety and operation.

Panel indicator lights provide user feedback based on controller operation. Line power confirms the panel has adequate power supplied for normal operation. Pump power 1 or 2 indicates the pump has been energized. Pressure switch 1 or 2 reflects pressure switch is closed. If pressure switch lights are blinking, system is in lockout. Lastly, zone relay is energized when lit.

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