GordonRay® DF

Two Stage Infrared Heating

Two Stage Infrared Heater

A new product available to the already existing extensive Roberts Gordon infrared heater family, the GordonRay DF. This heater sets itself apart from all the others by offering two-stage technology. This allows the heater to efficiently adjust to sudden high-heat loss conditions.

As we already know, radiant heaters economically maintain high comfort levels at low air temperatures. With dual firing rates, quick heat recovery can be captured. Similar to the entire infrared heater product line, the GordonRay DF heater is manufactured to the same industry high standards. Typical installations are for commercial and industrial applications.

Standard product features include dual burner status indicator lights and convenient external thermostat connection to power a low voltage thermostat. This infrared heater, similar to many others, offers a hinged burner box door providing easy access to electrical components.  With quick service and maintenance in mind, the burner box has an internal partition separating combustion air from the electrical components.

Like our other unitary infrared heaters, the GordonRay DF has flexible layout options that include straight, u-tube, or "L" configurations along with a broad range of burner sizes and tube lengths. Additional specifications are listed below.

Product Specifications

High Input (Btu/h) * (1000)

80, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200

Low Input (Btu/h) * (1000)

55, 70, 85, 105, 120, 130

Clearances to Combustibles*

65in - 82in / 5.4ft - 6.8ft 

Fuel Type

Natural Gas Only

Heat Exchanger Tubing

10ft sections, 4" dia., 16 gauge, first ten feet ALUMI-THERM® steel tubing /
Remaining Heat Treated Aluminized Steel Tubing or Double Porcelain Coated Steel Tubing

Reflector and End Caps

.024 Aluminum (Optional - .024 Stainless Steel Type 304)

Control System

Fully Automatic, Three-Try, 100% Shut-off, Direct Spark Electronic Ignition Control,
Dual Stage Firing Rate


ANSI Z83.20 / CSA 2.34, 2.17, 2.20


Three Year Limited 

 *Clearances to Combustibles applies to heater hanging horizontally. Dimension listed for distance below heater.