UltraVac Controller


Modulating Infrared Controller
UltraVac Modulating Infrared Controller

UltraVac is a micro-processor based controls package designed to modulate CoRayVac® infrared heating systems. The control provides proper modulation by varying and adjusting gas and combustion air. Infrared burners modulate between 60% - 100% of the maximum input rating. With modulation, the heat input of the system matches the heat loss of the space, saving fuel and maintaining space comfort. Matching system input to the building heat loss helps to reduce heater cycling.

Functioning as a centralized control system, one or several controllers can be networked together for user convenience and quick troubleshooting in the event of a problem. Operational from PC installed windows-based software package, graphical representations are shown to illustrate the entire building at a glance. Constant monitoring of indoor and outdoor temperatures along with defined status settings keep all information clear and organized. Computer interface can be onsite with a standard on-board modem or accessed remotely with an optional LAN interface module.

With the program, status screens can be customized with CAD drawings. Drawings display readings of zone temperature sensors and on/off system status. Additional programming can be performed to restrict certain users, preventing constant temperature adjustment and tampering.