roberts gordon® Corayvac® rebate program

cover the installation cost with roberts gordon® factory rebates!

Roberts-Gordon is pleased to announce our CORAYVAC® REBATE PROGRAM! Upgrade your CORAYVAC® heating system to a modulating CORAYVAC® system and receive HUGE factory rebates! Maximize your rebates and energy savings at the same time! The more you upgrade, the more you save! See below for details.
CORAYVAC® System Rebate Program
This rebate is as big as your energy savings when you replace your vintage CORAYVAC® System with a new CORAYVAC® Modulating System! This program ties 3 different rebates into 1!
A CORAYVAC® modulating heating system provides the right amount of comfortable heat throughout the entire heating season! The system will modulate the firing rate continuously (not staged) between 60% and 100% of total designed firing rate and will enhance energy savings by meeting space conditions to maximize efficiency. The CORAYVAC® burners will modulate accordingly based on outside air temperature and space set points. This will provide the precise amount of heat when it is needed thus allowing your system to operate at peak efficiency throughout the heating season! The modulation is controlled by our CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating Control which can control up to 2 CORAYVAC® systems and 4 heating zones!
Program Details:
  • CORAYVAC® burner replacement, receive a $100 rebate for each CORAYVAC® burner you replace! 
  • Upgrade the heat exchanger with our new high efficiency reflector to receive a $16 rebate for each high efficiency reflector purchased, and a $20 rebate for each section of 10' heat exchanger purchased! The reflectors in your infrared heating system deflect radiant heat down to the occupant level. Older reflectors simply do not deflect radiant heat as well as they did when they were clean and new. Our tests show that when replacing your vintage reflectors with our NEW HIGH EFFICIENCY reflectors you can increase radiant heat output up to 25%!  
  • Upgrade your vacuum pump to a new 3Ø pump and receive a $150 per pump rebate!
  • Complete the upgrade by turning your CORAYVAC® system into a modulating system by incorporating our NEW CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating Control and receive a $450 rebate per controller!
The amount of rebate you receive can pay for the installation of the new equipment! To give you an idea of the rebates you would receive, let's use the system below for an example. This existing CORAYVAC® system has 6 CORAYVAC® burners and 1 single phase vacuum pump.

See how much you could save!

Not only will these high efficiency CORAYVAC® System rebates save you money and increase comfort, you will also receive an industry leading 3 year warranty! The CORAYVAC® SYSTEM REBATE PROGRAM begins today, 10/19/17 and ends on 12-31-17. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL HEATING SEASON IS OVER! Take advantage of this rebate program to experience the benefits of fuel efficient comfortable heat all season. Contact your local ROBERTS GORDON® independent distributor today!

Don't want to replace your entire CORAYVAC® System? Then upgrade just the burners!

CORAYVAC® was the original infrared heating system first introduced to the market in 1962. Over the years the system has been refined to include modern technologies, making it the most fuel efficient heating system on the market! Replace your old CORAYVAC® burners by upgrading to the latest CRV-B burners today and take advantage of this limited time rebate offer!
Program Details:
Replace your old CORAYVAC® burner with a new CRV-B burner and receive a $75 dollar rebate!
Replace just 1 burner, or all of them, NO LIMIT! Each new burner comes with our industry leading 3-year warranty!  
How to redeem:
  • Offer is valid in USA and CANADA only.
  • "CORAYVAC® System Replacement Program" rebates eligible only when 4 of the 5 heating system components listed below are combined on a single purchase order. Components are defined as new CORAYVAC® B-series burners, heat-treated aluminized or double coated porcelain steel tubing, high efficiency reflector, EP-203 or EP-303 vacuum pump, and upgraded CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating Control.
  • "CORAYVAC® Burner Rebate Program" valid with the replacement of eligible CORAYVAC® burner models: CRV 5-40, 6-60, A, B, or E only.
  • Customer must provide an itemized invoice from the installing contractor detailing all components purchased, the Roberts-Gordon order number, and dated during the offer period (10/19/17 - 12/31/17).
  • Customer to mail itemized contractor invoice, Roberts-Gordon order number, data/serial plates from each CORAYVAC® burner and vacuum pump being replaced with customer address and contact name to:
    1250 William St.
    Buffalo, NY 14206
    Attn: Dan Schindler
    Tag: CORAYVAC® Rebate Program
  • All customer rebate claims along with proof of purchase must be post marked no later than 3/15/18.
  • Offer valid for building owners or operators only.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
  • Rebate program only valid for purchase orders placed with Roberts-Gordon from 10/19/17 - 12/31/17.
  • All equipment orders must be marked "CORAYVAC® REBATE PROGRAM" and ship within 21 days from Roberts-Gordon.
  • ROBERTS GORDON® reserves the right to audit all rebate submissions. Failure to comply with program parameters may result in forfeit of rebate.
*When replacing a like-for-like system, results may vary.