Vantage® Modulating

Modulating Unitary Infrared Heater
Vantage® Modulating Infrared Heater

Modulating, unitary infrared heaters provide an energy efficient option for space heating and building comfort. Standard heater design provides adjustment of both fuel and combustion air. A modulating gas valve and variable speed blower allow the infrared heater to operate at any input between the minimum and maximum rating input. Based on heater btu/h input, performance operation ranges from 100% at maximum input, down to 66% average at minimum input.

Modulating infrared heaters have an advantage over standard single stage models or secondary two stage offering due to the standard operation flexibility. Modulating infrared heaters paired with a modulating thermostat capture the full heater input range. When the thermostat calls for heat, the infrared heater turns on at the minimum btu/h input, slowly heating the space to satisfy the room temperature. Once the temperature with the space has been satisfied (now operating at maximum btu/h), the heater modulates down maintaining the temperature but with less energy.

Product Specifications

Input (Btu/h) * (1000)**

80, 115, 150, 200

Clearances to Combustibles*

66in - 82in / 5.5ft - 6.8ft 

Fuel Type

Natural Gas or LPG Propane

Heat Exchanger Tubing

10ft sections, 4" dia., 16 gauge, first ten feet ALUMI-THERM® steel tubing /
Remaining Heat Treated Aluminized Steel Tubing

Reflector and End Caps

.024 Aluminum (Optional- .024 Stainless Steel Type 304) 

Control System

Modulating Gas Valve and Hot Surface Electronic Ignition Control, Four-Try, 100% Shut-Off, Prepurge and Postpurge, Auto-Reset, Tri-Color LED Status/Fault Indicator


ANSI Z83.20 / CSA 2.34


Three Year Limited 

*Clearances to Combustibles applies to heater hanging horizontally. Dimension listed for distance below heater.
** Fuel Type may vary by model.