'roll former alley'at roberts gordon 

An Inside Look at Buffalo Manufacturing 



For years Roberts Gordon has produced our own reflectors. In order to produce high-quality reflectors, Roberts Gordon uses a roll former to properly bend each reflector to ensure consistent results. Some other infrared manufacturers may bend their reflectors on a press. This method could produce inconsistent forms that could affect the performance and the installation of the heater. With the introduction of new high-efficiency reflectors, Roberts Gordon has recently added a brand new custom built roll former to our manufacturing area. With the addition of the new roll former, we have conveniently re-named this area in our manufacturing plant - Roll Former Alley.

Instead of revamping our existing roll former, Roberts Gordon worked closely with a supplier that specializes in custom roll formers. The supplier was able to provide custom solutions that help us streamline the process of forming our new high-efficiency reflectors. 

Unlike our existing roll former that requires pre-cut aluminum sheets to feed through the forms, the new roll former uses a coil fed system that allows the forming process to be more efficient while providing more flexibility allowing us to sheer reflectors at various lengths. A precise bend is formed as the coiled aluminum is fed through each of the fourteen custom sets of rollers, producing high-quality consistent results. Also, the new roll former allows us to produce reflector joint pieces on the same machine that makes the new reflector. The old process requires multiple dies and setups.

The addition of the new roll former fits right in with our single piece flow manufacturing process that allows us to produce high-quality products more efficiently than every before. 


Please contact your local Roberts Gordon representative to switch out existing standard reflectors for high-efficiency reflectors. Retro-fit kits are available.