Goodbye cold, industrial spaces – Hello comfort and warmth!

Who says large, open, industrial buildings have to be cold and drafty because they are too expensive to heat? By bringing the warmth of the sun indoors, Roberts-Gordon infrared radiant tube heaters are the perfect, energy efficient solution for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

An added bonus of our radiant tube heaters is that industrial building owners no longer have to sacrifice employee comfort and productivity to keep fuel costs low. Unlike traditional warm air heaters, Roberts-Gordon gas-fired radiant tube heaters provide greater comfort while using significantly less energy.

Infrared tube heaters for industrial buildings of all shapes and sizes

Whether you need custom-engineered heating systems or infrared tube heaters or even plug and play electric or gas infrared heaters, Roberts-Gordon has you covered. We are the heating experts for industrial buildings like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, airplane hangars and vehicle service centers. We also provide commercial and residential solutions too.

Roberts Gordon Industrial Infrared Heating.

Efficient heating for hard-to-heat industrial spaces

Heating large, open spaces with traditional air heaters results in uneven, inefficient heating. Infrared radiant tube heaters from Roberts Gordon focus heat in occupied spaces, creating even temperatures and maximum comfort while using less energy.

Keep your outdoor patio comfortable year-round

Stay outside even as the temperatures drop with our outdoor patio heaters. Choose from residential or commercial models, gas or electric, spot or space heaters. All radiant patio heaters are ceiling hung, freeing up valuable floor space.

Roberts Gordon Agricultural Infrared Heating

Healthier livestock, healthier profits

Roberts-Gordon agricultural radiant tube heaters create a uniform heat pattern, gently warming chicks, pigs and other livestock. Greater comfort is achieved using less energy. Happier, healthier animals maximize yield and profits.

Decades of Radiant Heating Experience

Looking to install new heaters or upgrade your old heating systems? No worries! We’ve been making people and spaces comfortable for over six decades.

What is Infrared Heating?

Instead of heating the air, Roberts-Gordon low-intensity, infrared radiant tube heaters heat people, floors, machinery and other objects in the space via radiation, convection, absorption and conduction.

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Many of our independent representative partners are second and third generation firms. These infrared heating experts can help guide you through the entire buying process from design to installation.