Heating Greenhouses with Radiant Heat

Energy Efficient, Infrared Heating for the Healthiest, Highest Quality Plants

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Greenhouses Require Gentle, Even Heat – Just Like the Sun

To produce the healthiest, highest quality plants, greenhouses require gentle, consistent heat. Because the heat from our infrared tube heaters simulates the sun’s warmth, it promotes healthy plant growth by improving soil conditions. At the same time, moisture is eliminated from plants’ surfaces reducing the potential for disease. In addition, our heaters are energy efficient by heating plants, soil, benches and other objects, not the air, letting you focus on growing. 

Reduce Heat Loss in Your Greenhouse

Growers rely on knowing the air temperatures in their greenhouses, as nearly all crop recommendations are based on the air temperature required for the best growth. By reducing stratification and producing a consistent heat, you are creating the best environment for your plants.

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“We’re seeing phenomenal results with these heaters, even when it drops down to 25 °F out.”

Ron – Devi Cannabis, California

Watch How Devi Cannabis Improved Production with Infrared Heaters

Unitary Infrared Heaters Versus Burners-in-Series Radiant Heaters in Greenhouses

Unitary heaters such as the VANTAGE CTH2V consist of a single burner located at one end of the heat exchanger tube. They offer design flexibility with straight U-tube, or L-shaped configurations for greenhouses big or small.

Burners-in-series infrared heating systems, CORAYVAC are most suitable for greenhouses requiring energy efficient heating. Because multiple burners allow for even heating, they can be custom engineered to fit any facility.

Unitary and Burners-in-Series are both great options for greenhouses.

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