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Energy Efficient Infrared Tube Heating for Military Hangars, Bases, Vehicle Storage Areas and More!

Those who serve deserve to work in a comfortable environment. Military hangars and bases struggle with temperature control due to overhead doors opening constantly. With our infrared heating technology, people, floors, and objects are heated instead of the air, resulting in a consistent, even heat. We’ve partnered with military facilities all over the United States and have the expertise to help you on your next project!

The Eco-Friendly and Effective Heating Solution

Military facility managers are always looking to reduce the amount of energy consumed in the buildings they oversee. These types of facilities are in constant use, year-round, and require an energy-efficient heating solution. Traditional heating methods such as warm air unit heaters struggle in these applications. Since warm air heaters heat the air, they actually require more energy to achieve the same comfort level as their radiant heater counterparts. On the other hand, our infrared heating systems provide comfort in industrial buildings while saving up to 40% in energy costs.

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CORAYVAC® – the Efficient, Effective Heating Solution for Military Facilities

Our CORAYVAC® heating system is engineered to your facility’s specific heating needs. Each application receives a custom infrared heating system featuring modulating burners-in-series. Burners-in series allows for maximum heat coverage in the space, minimizing building exhaust penetrations.

Not sure where to start? Our infrared experts have decades of experience and can help design a system that fits your needs.

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