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Outdoor Infrared Heating

Infrared Heaters Built to Last for Restaurants, Patios, Balconies and Other Outside Venues

Keep the Summer Going with Outdoor Infrared Heating!

With infrared tube heaters, you can extend your outdoor season and keep customers comfortable. Radiant tube heaters are easy to install under awnings, patios, and covered areas, so patio seating is protected from unpredictable weather. Instead of warming the air around the patio and wasting energy, infrared heaters keep patrons and furnishings warm – making the patio season last longer.

During cooler months or evenings, when the temperature drops, the infrared tube heaters provide a reliable and efficient source of heat that allows customers to stay warm and cozy. This extended outdoor season offers a unique and pleasant experience for patrons, attracting more customers.

  • Restaurants, bars, patios and balconies
  • Wineries and breweries
  • Fitness centers and sporting venues
  • Churches and campgrounds
  • Dog kennels, horse barns and other animal housing

Introducing the Brand New GordonGlo™ Elite Radiant Patio Heater!

Living in a northern climate means you don’t have much time to enjoy the warm season. Cold weather usually signals the end of outdoor seating for restaurant and venue owners.

But what if you could extend your outdoor season and keep occupants comfortable even in the colder months? Enter Roberts-Gordon’s new GordonGlo™ Elite patio heaters!

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Roberts-Gordon gas and electric outdoor infrared heaters provide long lasting performance in extreme weather conditions. As infrared heats like the sun, our patio heaters make it possible to enjoy the comfort of the indoors outside. Durable finishes and components minimize exposure to dirt and moisture and provide a clean, quiet heating experience. Our heaters withstand whatever nature throws at them, making them the ideal choice for outdoor patios and event spaces. 

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