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Competitive Comparisons

See How Infrared Heaters Outperform Conventional Heating Equipment

Infrared Heating is the Best Choice for Warehouses

Why is Infrared Heating the Right Choice?

When heating a large industrial or commercial space, you have a number of options to consider like air turnover units, unit heaters or hydronic floor heating. The list goes on and on. However, infrared heating is the clear choice when it comes to providing energy efficiency and uniform comfort. Take a look at our product comparisons below to see why!

Infrared Heating versus Direct-Fired Units

Since warm air rises to the ceiling, direct-fired, make-up air handlers waste energy due to this increased stratification. With infrared heating, warmth is stored in people and objects, reducing heat loss.

Infrared Heaters versus Air Turnover Units

An indirect-fired air turnover unit throws a large volume of heated air around the space, which is then lost to stratification. Because infrared heating directly heats objects in a space, there is little to no heat loss.

Radiant Heating versus Gas Unit Heaters

Unit heaters heat a space by warming the air first, rather than the surfaces or occupants in the space. Infrared heats people and objects directly, resulting in an even and comfortable heat.

Infrared Heaters versus Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are effective but lack the flexibility of low-intensity infrared heaters. Our infrared heating systems are custom designed to fit any industrial or commercial space.

Modulating, Burners-In-Series Radiant Heaters versus Two-Stage Infrared Heaters

Two -stage radiant heating systems claim to incorporate system modulation, energy
savings and improved efficiencies, but the data proves otherwise.

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