High Intensity Radiant Spot Heaters

Space Heaters in Covered Patio

High Intensity Radiant Spot Heaters

Target Heat Where Needed with Choice of Gas or Electric Models

Gas and Electric Infrared Space Heaters for Your
Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Needs

High intensity, infrared space heaters produce more intense heat by utilizing a high surface temperature system. These heaters provide concentrated heating to a more targeted area and are most effective at providing spot heating to areas such as loading docks, auto service bays, warehouses, or other areas where large doors remain open or are opened frequently.

Because of the greater infrared intensity, these heaters can be installed at taller mounting heights. It is common for them to be mounted on ceiling rafters or on walls.

Gas-Fired Heating for Indoor Industrial/Commercial Buildings

Easy to install and built with heavy-duty components, our gas-fired, high intensity, radiant heaters are designed to last. To maximize efficiency and occupant comfort, heat is directed where it’s needed most. This “spot heating” is perfect for areas where there is a high demand for heat, such as bay doors and loading docks.

Ceiling hung, Roberts-Gordon high intensity heaters are available in natural gas or propane and can be mounted horizontal or up to 35° from horizontal, directing heat only where needed, ensuring optimum efficiency and occupant comfort.

Features of High Intensity Ceramic Heaters

high intensity honeycomb design

Exclusive honeycomb tile ceramic burner design (up to 1800 °F surface temperature) and secondary re-radiating surface of high temperature, stainless steel rods provides maximum radiant output.

Highly efficient, aluminum reflectors direct energy on people, floors and objects below provides greater comfort at lower air temperatures, while using less energy.

Wide range of Btu/h inputs and angle mounting options provide design flexibility; perfect for replacing existing high intensity ceramic heaters.

Corrosion resistant, aluminized steel body/burner head and stainless-steel tile retainer provide durable construction.

Equipped with 100% gas shut-off control and reliable 24V direct spark ignition for safety.

5-year limited ceramic burner warranty and 1-year limited warranty on heater’s control assembly components, provide peace of mind.

Completely factory assembled, requires no field assembly, easy to ship and install.

CSA certified to ANSI Z83.19 and CSA 2.34 (NOT certified for residential use).

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Q:  How do I purchase gas-fired radiant heaters?

A:  We sell through our independent representatives.  Find the one closest to you.

Q:  What are the best applications for gas-fired radiant heaters?

A:  Our gas-fired heaters can be used in any industrial or commercial building, providing comfortable spot heating where you need it most.

Electric Heating for Outdoor Residential or Indoor/Outdoor Commercial/Industrial Spaces

Simply open the box, connect electric, hang and heat. Our electric high intensity infrared heaters offer high performance radiant heating for outdoor residential or indoor/outdoor industrial/commercial areas alike. 

Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to heat your outdoor dining area or a home owner just looking to heat your patio, we have you covered.

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