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Infrared Heaters in Fire Station

Radiant Tube Heaters for Emergency Vehicle Facilities

Keeping First Responders Comfortable and Ready for the Next Emergency

Fire station with tube heaters

Keep Vehicles, Personnel and Gear Warm and Dry

Even in the coldest weather, Roberts-Gordon radiant tube heaters ensure first responders’ equipment and clothing will be warm and call-ready. After an emergency, our low-intensity infrared heaters dry vehicles and equipment quickly for when it’s needed next.

Infrared tube heaters are installed in garages above vehicles or along walls with extensions. This placement provides constant heat to dry off vehicles after emergencies in any weather condition. Warm air isn’t wasted when overhead doors open, nor will it be trapped at the ceiling.

Only Roberts-Gordon infrared tube heaters have optional controls that sense outdoor temperature and automatically adjust to the entire heat requirement of the building. Directing warmth to work surfaces, people, and vehicles – infrared heating tubes are an efficient source of heat – without the hefty costs of heating a large vehicle garage with warm air unit heaters. 

Forget About Heat Loss in Your Fire Station

The use of infrared heating in large vehicle facilities enhances comfort levels for workers. Traditional heating methods primarily heat the air, which can lead to temperature stratification, with warmer air accumulating at higher levels and cooler air remaining closer to the floor. This temperature difference can cause discomfort for personnel working on the ground level.

The key advantage of using infrared heaters is their ability to trap warmth effectively. When overhead doors are opened, the radiant heat emitted by the infrared heaters is absorbed by the objects and surfaces within the facility. This absorbed heat is then retained for longer periods, minimizing heat loss during the frequent opening and closing of the doors.

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